Brisbane South Region Rules State Age 2019!

Last weekend was the culmination of six months of training and preparation for the biggest Junior netball gathering in Queensland. Association’s from all over the state met to put their skills out on the court representing their Associations best.

4 associations from the Brisbane South Region sent their top teams and their results were amazing, these girls are the future of netball, future QUT Wildcats!

Our QUT Wildcats players and coaches were there to cheer these girls from 12 year old’s through 15 years of age on. The Cats were players who once shared these great experiences when they were junior netballers and now they are part of the elite HART Sapphire Series competition.

Brisbane South Region and the QUT Wildcats players are very excited for the region as the outstanding results listed below show we have an exciting future ahead.

Premiership Rankings

15 A  – Logan – State Champions

13 A – Cornubia — State Champions

12 A – Underwood – State Champions

14  A – Logan –  Runners up

14 C – Underwood Runners Up

12 B – Logan Winners

12 B – Cornubia-  Runners Up

12 D – MacGregor Red winners


14 C – Underwood  winners

14 A –  MacGregor Red Runners up

13 C – Cornubia Runners Up

12 B – Logan Winners